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Fresh lotus seeds are ready to eat

2018/06/14 17:35
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Fresh lotus seeds are ready to eat

                                 Fresh lotus seeds are ready to eat!!!

Nowadays, lotus seeds are on the market, which is a good time to try fresh ones.Lotus cover is full of treasure, below we come to understand the efficacy and function of fresh lotus cover.

What is the effect of lotus - bean paste on lotus - bean paste

Fresh lotus seed to eat in the mouth sweet and nourishing, cool silk, has the effect of cooling the heart.Summer heat easily irritable, peel a few fresh green lotus seeds, in the teeth of fine taste, immediately refreshing, relaxed and happy.

The heart of the lotus seed is pale green, sandwiched between the lotus seed.It's not a big deal, though.Lotus seed heart can reduce blood pressure and remove heart fire.Brain workers can use lotus seed heart to make tea, which can strengthen brain, enhance memory and improve work efficiency.

It is said that the qianlong emperor always used lotus leaf dewdrop to make lotus seed heart tea every time he went to the summer resort.

Lotus house, which is the part of lotus seed covered in lotus seed, can prevent diabetes by drinking its tea water.

Choose lotus seed, can see the skin color of lotus seed.If the skin is pale green and yellow, the lotus seed is tender.The dark green skin indicates that the lotus seed has begun to age.If deeper green yellow, the lotus seed is already old, if not remove the lotus heart, the entrance will have bitter taste.

Need to remind is, the person with weak spleen and stomach cold, dyspepsia is not suitable to eat more fresh lotus seed.


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