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Brewing method of lotus root powder

2018/08/08 14:24
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Brewing method of lotus root powder
Brewing method of lotus root powder:
Most of people think lotus root starch is very difficult to brew, yes, but if you find a good method it will be very simple!
The first step is to prepare the ingredients: a small packet of lotus root powder, a stirring spoon, cold water, boiling water.
The second step will lotus root powder pour in the bowl, pour on very few cold water, mix well, cold water cannot much, say in general one spoonful two spoonful enough.The point: be sure to stir well to make sure each small lotus root starch is soaked in water, but not too wet.
Step 3 add boiling water (remember, it must be boiling hot) and stir constantly with the spoon. The color of the lotus root powder will change rapidly with the addition of boiling water, until the milky liquid gradually thickens, and finally turns into a transparent gelatinous light color, like agate, warm and smooth.
If you have a sweet tooth, add sugar before adding cold water.The order of two water cannot be reversed, the first is cold water, the second is boiling hot water
May you succeed! Guanlian food flagship store!

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