In hot summer, use lotus seed heart to go to fire

In summer, the weather is very hot, and people are always easy to feel bored inside, just like a flame is lit in the chest. This situation may be hyperactivity of heart fire, which is also called "inner fire" or "inner heat" in Chinese medicine. Manifested as a variety of symptoms of getting angry. Because the heart controls the blood vessels, controls the mind, opens the orifices in the tongue, and its flowers are in the face, so the heat of the heart meridian can often cause heat symptoms in the heart, tongue, face, and pulse. disturbed sleep.



White lotus seeds or red lotus seeds, don't be stupid anymore

Looking at a pond of lotus leaves, the breeze was passing, and the green leaves came again and again, and I couldn't help thinking that the lotus seeds were like virgins without powder, quietly growing in the lotus stamens, and I suddenly felt happy. Lotus can be divided into white lotus and red lotus, and lotus seeds are naturally divided into white lotus seeds and red lotus seeds, so are the effects of the two the same?



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