White lotus seeds or red lotus seeds, don't be stupid anymore


Looking at a pond of lotus leaves, the breeze was passing, and the green leaves came again and again, and I couldn't help thinking that the lotus seeds were like virgins without powder, quietly growing in the lotus stamens, and I suddenly felt happy.

Lotus can be divided into white lotus and red lotus, and lotus seeds are naturally divided into white lotus seeds and red lotus seeds, so are the effects of the two the same?

What are the characteristics of red lotus seeds



The fruit of red lotus seeds is red, oval in shape, small in size, fragrant and sweet. The output of red lotus is less than that of white lotus, so the price is slightly higher, and the blood-enriching effect is better than that of white lotus. It is more suitable for women to nourish blood. Generally, it can be used for nourishing the heart and calming the nerves, nourishing qi and nourishing blood for women.

What are the characteristics of white lotus seeds



The fruit of white lotus seeds is white, with large round particles, high medicinal value, and easier stewing. The flesh is soft and fragrant and sweet. . It is a traditional nourishing and healthy food for the general public.

What are the precautions for eating lotus seeds?



Lotus seeds cannot be eaten with crabs and turtles, and the body will have some adverse reactions.

People suffering from colds, constipation and hemorrhoids should not eat too much lotus seeds.

People with bloating and diarrhea should not consume too much.