In hot summer, use lotus seed heart to go to fire


In summer, the weather is very hot, and people are always easy to feel bored inside, just like a flame is lit in the chest. This situation may be hyperactivity of heart fire, which is also called "inner fire" or "inner heat" in Chinese medicine. Manifested as a variety of symptoms of getting angry. Because the heart controls the blood vessels, controls the mind, opens the orifices in the tongue, and its flowers are in the face, so the heat of the heart meridian can often cause heat symptoms in the heart, tongue, face, and pulse. disturbed sleep.
The manifestation of Shangjiao's heat, that is, the change of heart, spirit, face, and tongue. The tip of the tongue is red and crimson, which is a typical feature of Shangjiao heat. The tongue is the seedling of the heart, and the fire of the heart is inflamed, so it leads to sores on the tongue, such as oral ulcers, ulcers at the corners of the mouth, and bad breath. The main way to deal with this situation is to eat some foods that clear away heat, remove fire, and nourish the mind, such as lotus seeds, mung beans, lotus leaves, chrysanthemums, etc. In terms of diet, the usual recuperation should be based on the principle of clearing the heat and reducing heat conduction, pay attention to dietary rules, and eat more light foods, such as millet porridge, green vegetable porridge, vegetable soup, etc.