Lotus seeds are comparable to ginseng. Pay attention to these things when eating lotus seeds


Lotus seed is a kind of precious pure natural high-level nutritional health food, known as "lotus ginseng". Therefore, there are many benefits of eating lotus seeds, and we can eat more every day. When eating, you still need to pay attention to food collocation, in order to bring out the effect of lotus seeds. ...

Benefits and contraindications of lotus seeds

Lotus seeds have the functions of nourishing yang and nourishing blood, moisturizing the lungs and nourishing the heart, and prolonging life. Lotus seeds also have the effect of lowering blood pressure, and the alkaloids contained in the lotus seeds have a cardiac effect. Lotus seeds have been recognized as a delicious and nourishing food for all ages since ancient times.

There are many ways to eat lotus seeds, which can be used to garnish dishes, make soup, stew soup, make confectionery, make cakes, etc., and can be combined with other medicines and foods.

Do not take lotus heart with crabs and turtles, otherwise certain adverse reactions may occur. People with colds, constipation and hemorrhoids should not take it. Constipation and abdominal distension and stuffiness should not be used.

People who usually have dry and hard stools, or who have a full abdomen should not eat.

Delicate lotus peel

The skin of lotus seeds is paper-thin and it takes time to peel off.

If you wash the lotus seeds first, then put them into boiling water, add an appropriate amount of old alkali, stir evenly, and then be stuffy for a while, pour them into the rice basket, and rub vigorously, you can quickly remove the lotus seed skin.

lotus seed storage

Fresh lotus seeds are more difficult to store. The more effective method is to freeze them in the refrigerator, but the storage time is not long.

A better way is to dry the fresh lotus seeds first, so that they can be stored for a longer time.

Some of the dried lotus seeds sold in the market are treated with sulfur, which is mainly to prevent moth-eaten, but it is not good for human health.